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Sharyl Attkisson

News Website for Emmy Award winning Investigative Journalist.

Attkisson is an Emmy award winning investigative journalist and author of the New York Times bestseller: “Stonewalled.”

She became a Washington-based correspondent for CBS News in January 1995. Prior to that, she co-anchored CBS News “Up to the Minute.”

Before joining CBS, Attkisson was an anchor and correspondent for CNN (1990-1993). From 1996-2001, in addition to her CBS News duties, Attkisson hosted a half-hour weekly medical news magazine on PBS entitled “HealthWeek.”.

After leaving CBS News Attkisson needed a way to continue to publish her investigative stories and stay in touch with tens of thousands of loyal Twitter and Facebook followers. She created a do-it-yourself website but quickly found it difficult to work in an unforgiving user interface. The host of her website also told her it wouldn’t be able to handle the high traffic volume she was expecting. She contacted The Web Marketing Xperts to build a site that would allow her to do what she does best, write and let us take care of the technical aspects.



Ease of use

Attiksson is a prolific writer. She needed a system that would allow her to easily work on many stories at a time and publish them when ready. She has deadlines that require stories be published on time. She also travels a lot and needed the ability to work remotely.

Action: We selected a highly customizable (CMS) Content Management System that would allow Attkisson to easily create and publish stories from any device, even her smartphone, from any location with Internet access. She can even schedule a date and time for a story to be published.


Handle High Traffic Volume:

Attikisson publishes stories of National and International importance and receives thousands of visitors each day. Her stories are routinely linked to by other high traffic sites and she regularly appears on National News shows. This would cause dramatic spikes in the number of visitors to her site.

Action: We deployed sharylattkisson.com on a special server that was designed specifically for the software used and optimized for high volume. The server is scalable (can grow) as traffic increases to the site. This allows us to balance the cost so she is only paying for what she needs.



The world of politics and political news can be very controversial. News and Political sites and even the US government websites are hacked everyday.

Action: We added 4 levels of security to the website to protect against common and not so common know threats. If I told you any more it wouldn’t be as secure 🙂



Attkisson can spend hours working on 1 story and needs a dependable infrastructure that can be easily recovered from any type of failure or attach.

Action: we created a custom backup schedule based on Attkissons work habits. Backups of all stories are made several times a day. This will insure that any catastrophic failures will not result in lost work or time.



With hundreds of hours invested in creating quality content and attracting thousands of interested visitors, the website needs to pay for itself.

Action: We strategically placed ads in key areas of the site. The goal was to make sure they were visible but did not detract from the content of the site. The ads are interest based meaning each visitor see ads for subjects they are interested in.


RSS Feeds:

Attkinson has thousands of followers who wish to have newly published stories sent right to their news feed mailbox.

Action: Setup an RSS feed account and allowed visitors to subscribe via several types of feed readers or just signup using their email address. Statistics are tracked for the number of subscribers.


Social Media Integration:

Attkisson has over 70 thousand twitter followers and over 16 thousand Facebook likes

Action: Embed current tweets on the website. Place Follow button for twitter and a Like button for Facebook. New stories can automatically published to all Social Media accounts.

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