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JNJ Services


Website and Back Office integration for a nationwide service provider


JNJ Services is a nationwide industry leader with expertise in non-emergency medical transportation solutions; language services; durable medical equipment; diagnostics; scheduling and educational services. JNJ is a valued service partner to numerous industries. JNJ provides paramount customer service and strives for daily excellence that exceeds client expectations.

JNJ experienced meteoric growth in recent years and needed a new website to showcase their array of services and to plainly state to visitors WHY they should uses JNJ. They also wanted the site to make their clients jobs easier by being able to place service request and check their statuses online. Far beyond simple web forms for scheduling a service, JNJ wanted the service request to go directly into their back office systems so they could efficiently process all request in a very efficient and timely matter.

Desktop and Mobile Friendly
JNJ wanted their website to look just as awesome on their clients’ smartphone as it does on their desktop computer

Create a responsive web design that can be viewed and more importantly USED on mobile and desktop devices.

Client Access:
JNJ wanted their clients to be able to easily request a variety of services online as well as view the status of any existing open requests.

Action: We developed easy to use forms that the client quickly fill out and submit to JNJ. We also developed a custom integration system that allows clients to view real time status updates of any requests in JNJ’s back office systems.

In order to quickly and efficiently process client’s service requests JNJ wanted online request to go directly into their back office systems. They didn’t want to have to spend the time and resources to manually enter every reservation.

Action: We developed a custom integration system that takes the data submitted from the online web form and places it directly into JNJ service request system

Employee Access:
The employees that deliver the services JNJ offers needed a way to update the status of a service request in real time. This was also needed to satisfy the requirement of providing clients with real time status updates of their service request.

Action: We developed a custom integration system that allows an employee to login to the website from their smartphone, see all of their service request for the day and update the status of each one.


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