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Today’s consumers have no patience for a frustrating mobile experience. Learn how to optimize your site for lightning speed.

In the Aviation world we have a saying “Speed is Life”. That is also true  in the Cyber World. People are looking for information. If they can’t find it quickly they move on. They don’t care how pretty or expertly designed your web site is. They care about finding answers.

Three Ways to a Quicker Mobile User Experience:

  1. Eliminate Steps. If speed thrills, friction kills. Which is to say, your mobile functionality matters. And the more steps you have in your mobile experience, the more likely a user is to make an error.
  2. Anticipate Needs. Being quick is knowing what your customer wants before they want it.
  3. Load Time Really Matters. Here’s the truth: The most thoughtful mobile UI in the world will still fall short if your mobile site takes too long to load. How long is too long? Suffice it to say that 40% of shoppers will wait no more than three seconds before abandoning a retail or travel site.

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